Monday, December 31, 2007

Gingerbread fallout

Sure, it's great fun to go out on the town and see everyone we rarely see these days just because we so seldom hit the bars, but...
something pretty cool about a house party. No need to drive anywhere, and the facilities are pretty decent.

The last day of the year was spent getting ready for saying goodbye to 2007. I am having a pang of yearning for it just now as I typed that last sentence. Hadn't given it a ton of thought 'til now as to it truly being gone. Ran into a couple old acquaintances at Costco and the liquor store. One was unpleasant and luckily we didn't talk. The other, we just don't run in the same circles anymore. Was kind of nice to say hello casually and walk away from that one.
Still hurting from that damn shaving cut under my arm doing battle with a supervillain earlier today. Doing my best to assuage that with mandarin vodka, lime juice and mint leaves.
The XM satellite (nobody was up for playing DJ, the potential for dissing is way too high) was disappointing, though, so we had to change up the tunes. Sublime is better than Cher and listening to whiny 90s music.
Later, we will annihilate the two gingerbread houses we built way back before Christmas. Explosives + candy, frosting and gingerbread. There is NOTHING cooler than gingerbread fallout (well, there might be, but right now I'm fixated on that). Last year was the first year we instituted this tradition. It became one because of the joy it brought us as we remembered the sound of the shrapnel landing on the neighbor's tin roof. We laughed 'til our stomachs hurt.
The birds were quite pleased the next day to carry off the bits and pieces, and whatever candy eluded their beaks, merely melted in the rain. We found pieces of the house as much as a quarter mile away.
Cooper tried to get us to do one early for him, but New Year's is for gingerbread explosions. Oh, yes.
That and mandarin mojitos, though having them in the glass and not on the floor's always good. The neighbors are having a bonfire, but it's muddy over there.
Hoping we can get some video footage of the gingerbread house demolition...stay tuned.
Please drive carefully out there...don't drive drunk...
Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New here

I've been blogging for a long time, and reading at blogspot here and there. I joined today (Christmas, 2007) to help broaden my horizons (and yours!).
My goal for this Christmas was to avoid buying massive amounts of Made in China garbage-y stuff, and to pursue more meaningful gifts, and less of them with more in the quality department.
I would say, now that it's been said and done, that I have been about 85% successful. Much of my success started with avoiding big box type stores, and shopping with local vendors.
I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions per se, as I find that a little ridiculous to do so merely by virtue of the fact that the calendar has turned over. Why not start today? Why put off taking the first step of my journey until tomorrow? Even if all I do is start packing my bags, I can do something to move towards my goals even as I plan them.

In 2008 I have many goals, though I will not be too upset if they don't happen IN 2008.

You'll find that I write about a wide variety of subjects, mostly those that I feel very passionately about. I will also from time to time write about the frivolous or trivial, just because these things are akin to the "seconds" that make up the hours, days, and years of a life.
Most of it will relate to my rather quiet lifestyle here in the Oldest Settlement West of the Rockies, a/k/a Astoria, Oregon. Favorite hangouts, people and events might just show up here. I love taking photos, so there'll be lots to see, as I have time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (look me up on myspace if you want to see some of the archives:!