Monday, September 7, 2009

Wild weather

wow, yesterday was awful at the Market, or the attempt at Sunday Market.
Ultimately, it cancelled, but not before everyone was soaked and some people had some serious damages to their canopies and goods.
The little boys start school in earnest on Wednesday.
It is muddy outside on the track that is my "yard" but everyone is heading out to do some track maintenance anyway.
Since Christmas is only a few months away, I am thinking on the things that I would like to give as gifts, and thinking also that with a Wal-Mart coming, how I will do even more to stay out of such institutions (I will not EVER go inside that store) and buy instead from people that live here and work here like me.
I would hope the rest of you that care about our corner of the state would do the same.
There is nothing good, nothing we need inside a Wal-Mart. Give them their walking papers.

Hope you all enjoy the good weather promised to return this week, and have a safe back to school week!