Saturday, January 10, 2009

WMDs in my home

Yep, you read that right: Weapons of Mass Destruction are right here in the walls of my own little house.
My oldest son observed that, this morning, and it made me laugh when I thought about it.
I was referring to throwing out one of those self-inking rubber name/address stamps that I found lying on the counter after one of my cleaning rampages. Not sure where I'd shaken it out of before that, but the reason it has that reputation is this:

About two years ago, my husband ordered this item, with his name and my name and our address, phone number and a website. It was part of a pyramid scheme he'd fallen into, but that is irrelevant.
The future WMD was stored in a room we didn't use very much, a guest bedroom.
We have two boys, then 2 and 5. They became fond of playing in the guest bedroom after a visit from their grandparents where the grandparents stayed while they visited.
One day I went into the guest bedroom to look for something else and generally tidy up. Jumping on a bed really can trash the look of a room!
What did I find? Not just a wrinkled and mussed bed and pillows on the floor, but our name and address stamped on every conceivable surface.
It was a decorating disaster!!!
Our names and addresses were displayed prominently on the bedsheets, the walls, pictures that hung on the wall. I saw the ink on the curtains, a box of Kleenex, the countertops and drawer fronts.
The capper for me was the carpet. The ink was immovable. Luckily the carpet is dark green. You really have to look to see the stamp.
Yes, the name and address stamp earned its reputation that day. I put it high on a shelf in the kitchen inside a cupboard. Hubby knows where it is should he ever need to use it. We still get the shipments of "juice" from said pyramid scheme, and he occasionally even sells some of it to other people.
That stamp has never seen paper that I know of. It works real well on fabric, though. If we had pets inside, I'm sure we'd know how it transfers to furry surfaces.