Saturday, March 28, 2009

Think before you buy

Read labels, ask questions and modify your spending. Seem tough?
No tougher than being "green" is it to buy locally and buy domestically-made and owned items.
Some things may seem impossible, but there are options for just about everything we need or want in this world.
I really don't want to see some of my favorite locally-owned and operated businesses go away and so I take a bit of extra time to patronize them. Think it takes extra fuel to do so?
Not always...many of our local businesses have online stores from which to purchase and even have the items delivered to you.
Rumors of another big-box store make me queasy, but I will not shop there. I have been in the Home Depot just a few times, and purchased nothing personally so far. I have no need to, and when/if I do, it will be out of sheer necessity and lack of option that I do.
We have plenty of options here and I will continue to shop with them as long as they exist.
My Easter candies will not be from Hersheys or Mars, they will be from local candy stores from local and domestic sources.
Times like these, we all need to tend the yards and gardens closest to home, to take care of our neighbors and the ones that take care of us.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


and this just floated my lil' ol' boat:
Demolition Man!
Been lost in a little YouTube nostalgia since the afternoon is not conducive to my other desired pursuit of yard work. Yeah, like I really desired the yard work over sitting around watching videos...but I would like to get that done.